Sunday, August 31, 2014

Where Did I Go

Our little family recently moved. Not a move to a new house in the same neighborhood. Not a move in a new city in the same state. Not to a town in a neighboring state. Nope our little family picked up our entire lives and moved from the edge of the East Coast to the edge of the West Coast. Baltimore Maryland to Carmel California.

It was a long journey that started even before we walked out of our old home for the last time. Between getting the house ready, packing, and parenting solo style while my hubby was out of town for 5 months, baking was just not no my to-do list. 

But I have missed baking. There is something cathartic about measuring, pouring and mixing. There is satisfaction knowing that I made something. So yesterday while I was talking to my Mom about my little man's horrible separation anxiety she said that is normal that under times of stress for us to go back to where we feel safe...and that got me thinking about where I feel safe. I am horribly homesick. I miss my friends, my family, my house, my city. I need to go to my "safe place" and for me that is a place where I feel creative, where I make things. So today I went back into the kitchen. 

Not to say I have not been in the kitchen since the whole "epic move" started. I have. I make dinner almost every night. I make my shortie breakfast and lunch most days. But I have not been in the kitchen just to bake something for pleasure in a while. Until today. 

My canisters had been sitting empty since moving in to our new cottage so today I went to the store and bought flour, brown sugar and other baking supplies to fill them back up. It turns out that happiness can be found in full canisters!

Then I melted butter, crushed up graham crackers, added flour, sugar and spices before popping it in the oven. While my graham crumbles baked I whipped up some cream with brown sugar, and then I sliced up strawberries. 

Strawberries with brown sugar whipped cream and graham crumbles. (Smitten Kitchen). I looks like I am back in the kitchen again.