Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Marquise au Chocolat

The movie Fifty Shades of Grey came out recently and everyone is all a buzz about it. Not me. That does not do it for me. Nothing in the book made my heart race, my tummy flutter, or do anything to get me hot and bothered.

However when I opened Baking Chez Moi to this week's recipe and read that I was to place one entire stick of butter into a bain-marie and cover it with 13oz of bittersweet chocolate...well let's just say that the book and I may have needed a private moment together because what Fifty Shades of Grey does not do for me....being told to melt chocolate into butter does.

Cut 1 stick of butter into 18 pieces and cover with 13oz of roughly chopped bittersweet that is my kind of dirty talk.

What you end up with a rich chocolate mousse that you freeze. And once frozen you eat. It is both light and rich. So decadent.

 I tried to restrain myself from licking my plate clean. I may have lost that battle.

I wonder if anyone else views cook books as I do......

On to the small print:
Marquise au Chocolat p. 357 of Baking Chez Moi