Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chocolate Cherry Brownies

I have a confession to make. I am a lover of "fluffy books" the fluffier the better. The only thing I like better than fluffy books is fluffy books that are also culinary themed mysteries. It was in one of these types of books that years ago I read about chocolate cherry brownies. It was really just a passing sentence, a filler, not integral to the plot and certainly not meriting a recipe at the end of the book. But for some reason that one mention of cherry brownies was enough for me...and I became obsessed. Since reading that book I almost always add cherries to my brownies. Sometimes I chop them, sometimes I leave them whole, sometimes I can not find them so I use cherry flavored cranberries (I do not recommend this last one). And while they have all been good (well not the one with the cherry flavored cranberries...that one was weird) they were never as good, as gooey, and cherry-chocolately delicious as these.

The main ingredient in these seems to be chocolate. 10 ounces of chocolate and only 1/3 cup flour. The second main ingredient is cherries. Plumped up cherries.

Hello there good looking. I have been waiting for you to walk your little chocolate legs into my life for a long...long...time.