Monday, January 14, 2019

Saint-Pierre Poppy Seed Cake

January always finds me back in the kitchen. Baking is the one thing that I hold onto long after the Christmas tree is plunked on the curb and the presents have all been played with. The call to start baking begins the end of November and keeps calling until early Spring, which is about when the fever to bake is replaced with the fever to run around outside like a school kid on a Friday afternoon.

There are two bakes this month a poppy seed loaf cake and a chocolate coconut tart. The boys in my house (both big and small) do not like poppy seeds but they really..really...really do not like coconut so the poppy seed loaf cake got made.

It is super simple. One large bowl, one whisk, one spatula and bake.

Saint Pierre Poppy Seed Cake. Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan. You can find other bakers on the blogroll


  1. hey— nice to see you back in the kitchen! this looks delicious. i hope at least some of those boys were lured into trying it!

  2. Poppy seeds and coconut are not my son's favorite either. It was a good cake and I hope you enjoyed it.